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¡ El Show de Elizbeth ! Versión en Inglés

"Hola amigos,
Gracias a la colaboración de Gavita una muy querida amiga, voy a colgar la vesión en inglés del post 36... lo hago principalmente porque le ofrecí a Elizabeth colgar la traducción jejejeje y hoy más que nunca es un placer cumplir mi promesa... Ya que siempre que cuelgo algo sobre esta bella actriz, lo hago exclusivamente con su consentimiento"...

Hello friends,

Thanks to the collaboration of Gavita a very dear friend, I will hang the English version of the post 36 ... I do so mainly because he gave to Elizabeth hang translation jejejeje and today more than ever is a pleasure to fulfill my promise ... As always hanging something on this beautiful actress, I do so only with their consent ...

¡Post 36!... "The Elizabeth Simpson Show"

The end of May has arrived... it has been so far the best month since I started my blog.
It all began in May the 1st. with that message of my dear and always admired Elizabeth Simpson, right in the month of my birthday wow!... She gave me the first gift -I have considered it this way- a super gift! It was something incredible for me, I had never been so happy before lolol
From there on, I proposed to myself a goal... to write and to share 36 post with all of you... it has cost me a lot of work, but in the end I have succeeded and I am very happy... I am preparing right now (Friday 30/05 at 23:00 o'clock) "The Post 36" in representation of the years I have turned lolol.

In this first musical photomontage, we can enjoy Elizabeth's beauty, there are no spankings, but for me it is as if there were, after all lol I am her "eternal fan" and as such, I enjoy all of her charms, her expressions, her beautiful eyes, and her bewitched look... I don't miss a single detail... I hope you like it.

Password: elirojo
Next, I want to share with you two movies, in the first one we will see her act as a spanker and in the second we will enjoy her as a spankee.

Elizabeth... The Teacher punishes Nicky!!!

This movie is excellent. Elizabeth interprets a strict teacher in a school in which the corporal punishments are necessary to straighten the way of the spoiled brats... The pupil in this case is Nicky Fly, this spankee has very beautiful and resistant buttocks, she plays her role very well, she has the face of an angel been a little devil lolol, but in the bottom of their hearts, she is pure dynamite.
Elizabeth scolds this girl for arriving late to classes and also without her duties... her behavior has not been good at all within the last months... judging by all the reports that she has in her control notebook.
Nicky listens carefully, crestfallen and frolicking with her hands, her nerves are killing her of fear; she knows that this will have serious consequences for her little buttocks.
Elizabeth places the seat in front of the desk and after ordering her to bend over her knees plass plass she gave her a long and delicious spanking... later on bowed on the desk, this schoolgirl is whipped with a strap and finally with the cane... mmmmmmmmmmmm
You cannot miss it

The video is divided in two parts that can be joined with the HSJplitPRO that is free ok?

Immodest actress!!!

Well, now get ready to see one of her best movies.
Elizabeth interprets an actress... she has been called to the Director's office since her performance has lowered, her performances have less shine each time, and that this causing serious losses of money to the Company... she is recriminated by all this... Her boss gives her two options:
She must pick up all her belongings and abandon the study.
Or... receive a punishment on her buttocks, with the hand, the leather strap and the cane... she will also have to change her attitude and to improve her work.
Well, I guess we all know the option she will take, right?
Because if you don't know... here you have the answer:

Password: actris

Look this image... the perfect example...

The hands stamped on those beautiful little buttocks... mmmmmmm I love it
This video has everything to be considered one of the best of Elizabeth.
The punishment is applied in front of a mirror; the spanker wants her to look at herself while receiving her corrective. It is so exciting!
She is beautiful... so elegant wowwwwww this woman is perfect! And as I have already said several times, the situation of spanking a grown old woman I love it. She is not the typical schoolgirl, she is not that mischievous girl, she is... that adult woman, mature, correct in her precede, the woman that receives the punishment like "a spoiled little girl"... and that is what I like.

Well, without going any further, I will leave you to enjoy this show:
I will have some rest now.
See you soon friends.

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Cometospk dijo...

Hi Mauri, very good post. I think we must try to rise the number of our potential visitors. Writing in English is the best way to bring nearer spankos from all around the world.

Cometospk dijo...

And congratulations to Gavi, too!!

Camaleon72 dijo...

Hello cometospk,
Thanks for the congratulations and commentary.
True, the best way to increase the number of potential visitors, is to write in English ... Unfortunately this field is not control ... I'm just starting with the help of translators Internet, in this case has been Gavito who has helped me ... I hope to get ahead and learn as soon as possible ...
Greetings friend

Cometospk dijo...
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Cometospk dijo...

You´re improving your English really fast, Mauri!

Camaleon72 dijo...

I hope jejejejeje.
Thanks colleague.