sábado, 7 de marzo de 2009

A Dream come True !!!

Hello my friends, in this occasion I want to share with all of you a very special post that will mark a new age in this blog.
You all know that Elizabeth Simpson is my Favorite Star in the world of Spanking. I have followed her careere since the first time I saw her in action, acting like a strict spanker with the missing Rosaleen Young (One very naughty and rebel spankee), later on I saw her act as a spankee in several films and gradually I felt in love with this beautiful actress… I have a great collection of her photos and videos.
Later I had the good luck to find her Blog, and let’s say that that day my life totally changed, I was going through a bad time, and as if by magic she appeared, with those precious eyes and her beautiful face… I felt hypnotized and the desire to continue with my blog was born again, it was as if she impelled me to follow ahead and thus I did… Later, on May the 1st. / 2008, Elizabeth answered a mail I sent her in private… WOOOWW! I couldn’t believe it, I felt like I was walking on clouds, everything was happiness; in that mail she said to me that she had visited my blog, that she had liked it a lot and that she had left a comment to me… My heart beat as it had never done before, the time stopped, my joy was huge jajajajaja, so much that I decided that that day would be a celebration day in my Blog; without a doubt that was a very SPECIAL day.
Well, now I want to share a photo and 2 clips of one of her last films “Severe Canning”… One of the details I like the most of the films of Elizabeth, is that in several occasions the punishments that she receives are due to real lack. In this case Elizabeth was punished because she did an error in her blog: she accidentally deleted all the clips that she had loaded till that momento: By the influence of several readers, among them… me jejejejeje, she received an exemplary punishment… Enjoy it!
Clip 1 : http://tuporno.tv/videos/elizabeth-punishment-1
Password : elizB
Clip 2 : http://tuporno.tv/videos/elizabeth-punishment-2
Password : elizA
Well, now I have the honor to present you Elizabeth Simpson as my Super Collaborator… jejejejeje… Yes friends, you’ve read it well, my Favorite Star is now and I hope that forever, a part of this blog, of our little house spanko friends, she will start to post and to share with us her clips and photos. Without a doubt, Elizabeth will give a special touch of luxury to my beloved blog…
Exactly as the title says:

A Dream come True!!!

Fotomontaje Click Here
Password : Eliza
Megaupload :



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alejandra[RF] dijo...

My Dear Mauricio,

I know what this means to you and believe me when i say I'm so happy for you.

You deserve this and I envy the happyness you must be feeling. I love you so much.

And Elizabeth.. Welcome to the blog!!! We'll be reading you.

Camaleon72 dijo...

Hello Alejandrita,
Thank you very much for your congratulations and comments.
You say you know good and well that this is for me a source of great happiness, I am glad that you too know you are happy with this news ...
I love you too pretty.
Kisses and Spanking

Elizabeth Simpson dijo...

Heylo all Elizabeth finally here :) Just trying to work out the spanish. So sorry for the delay I suppose im gonna get spanked for that he he he... anyway now to figure out how to post :) Spanks Elizabeth xx

Camaleon72 dijo...

Hello Elizabeth,
It is true you have re ... certainly deserves a spanking but ... jejejeje forgive you this time ok
WELCOME ... is a pleasure to have your help on my blog, today is another day to celebrate.
Kisses and Spanking

alejandra[RF] dijo...

Dear Mauri,

I found really unfair you forgave Elizabeth for her delay. I think she deserves a good spanking for this. I'm starting to think Elizabeth is making you softer...


Camaleon72 dijo...

Hello Alejandra,
No lady, you are very wrong, I think I'll have to put it on my knees for you realize that I did not become a soft... his buttocks will say the opposite... ok?
You can now preparing to leave bad girl.

Spanking Latino dijo...

Hola, solo pasaba para contarles que despues de una ausencia prolongada por los motivos que en este momento no vienen al caso, hemos REGRESADO!!! y ésta vez con ganas de quedarnos online más tiempo.

Agradecerles que mantuvieron nuestro vínculo pese a que el blog redireccionaba al sitio principal y felicitarlos por estar todavía en línea lo cual no es poco mérito, dado el gran crecimiento de la Web y los suscesivos ataques a blogs de toda temática realizados por un grupo de chinos aburridos... 8).

En fin, espeo que pasen de vez en cuando y perdon por la extensión del anuncio.



PD. Esta es la nueva dirección del blogLa nueva dirección del blog:
Spanking Latino (Sin el barra blog), por si alguien quiere modificarlo.

Camaleon72 dijo...

Hola Dunkless,
No sabía que no estabas en línea... bueno, en todo caso me alegro que hayas regresado, ya he añadido tu nueva dirección en mi lista de blogs.
Espero que tengas mejor suerte.
Un saludo

Anónimo dijo...

Amiable brief and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you on your information.

Camaleon72 dijo...

Hello friend,
I do not understand your comment ... but if it has helped, I'm glad.